10 Steps To Being Prepared For Whatever Blows Your Way

It’s time to face facts. There is no such thing as a hurricane/ tornado/ automobile/ blackout/ end of the world survival kit, and we live in a world where Murphy’s Law applies. If anything can happen, it will. Even if you believe in preparation, there’s no way to prepare for everything. However, there are ways to prepare for almost share this site anything, and the following ten steps will help you get there.

1. Emergency Medical Training
Emergency medical training doesn’t meaning going to college and learning how to become a doctor or nurse. However, having an emergency medical kit doesn’t do much good if you don’t know how to use it. The Red Cross offers CPR, First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) courses to help you gain the knowledge you’d need in the event of emergency. You can even add injury prevention courses, blood borne pathogens training and community disaster education to your knowledge base. These courses can – literally – save a life.

2. Build a Medical Emergency Kit
Yes, you can buy an emergency kit, but just like any kit, there’s always something missing. As you look through emergency medical kits for sale, pay attention to what’s included in each one. Your best bet will always be the professional versions, but even those may not have enough of something.

For instance, if the medical kit has only one snakebite kit, you might want to add another one; the simcity buildit hacks same goes for bandages. When it comes to emergency preparedness, there’s no such thing as „too much“, and in cases of natural disasters such as hurricanes, it’s easy to get scratches and cuts that can become infected. Always buy extra bandages and antiseptic wipes for better protection.

3. Emergency Radio
In any type of natural emergency, you need to be able to keep up with the news and weather reports. Radios are an age-old tradition, but technology has made them even more versatile for emergencies. While it’s nice to have plug-in and battery capabilities, remember that you may lose power, and that batteries can go bad. When you buy an emergency radio, make sure it has a wind-up power supply.

4. Replacement Lights
The chances of you loosing power are better than average, especially in tornadoes and hurricanes. For large light sources, such as battery-operated Coleman lanterns, you can stock up on the batteries. However, depending on how long you’re out of power, light sticks are excellent choices. You can get them in varying lengths of hours, different colors and in packs. Since they’re fairly cheep, it’s recommended that you stock several of them.

5. Build an Emergency Tool Kit
It may be hard to imagine a world without electricity and gas, but, depending on the situation, that’s what you may be facing. Although this doesn’t mean going back to the Stone Age, it does mean stocking up on hand tools.

The good thing is that hand tools are much more versatile than they used to be. Foldable shovels and picks mean buying one tool instead of two. A handsaw, which looks more like a thin chain, can be wound up for easy storage. A multi tool can also come in handy, and more often than you may think. As you choose the tools, think about what you might possibly have to do with them: dig a hole, cut down branches for wood, clear a pathway or find a pathway with a compass.

6. Stock Up on Drinking Water
Although drinking water seems to be in generous supply, the same cannot be said in emergencies. Buy water jugs that aren’t easily punctured and then fill at least one. Replace the old water with fresh every three months. If you know a difficult weather situation is building, fill them all up as a „just in case“ measure.

In addition, add water purification tablets. They aren’t meant to be used except for short periods of time, but they can help keep down disease outbreaks.

7. Cooking
Some emergency situations can make it impossible to get to a stove or some other method of cooking. Portable stoves, using propane, work well for this. Make sure you add one to your emergency preparations; hot food can help keep your body nourished, as well as help regulate your temperature during colder weather.

8. Stock Up on Food
You can’t always find a way to heat your food, and you can eventually run out of propane bottles for a portable stove. With this in mind, make sure you buy food with packaging that isn’t easily punctured, as well as some self-heating food packs. In a worst-case scenario, if you’ve built your emergency kit well, you can warm the packets up next to a wood fire.

9. Guides
Survival and foraging guides aren’t just for survivalists. Foraging can be a deadly game of chance if you don’t know what’s safe and what isn’t. Mushrooms, in particular, have been responsible for thousands of deaths through the years. Foraging and survival guides can help give you that extra edge.

10. Draw Up an Emergency Plan
All the preparation in the world won’t matter if you don’t know how to put it to use. Make sure you keep everything in the same place, and that the place is easily accessible. Keep a smaller kit in your car, in case something happens on the road. Draw up an emergency plan that lays out what to do in any form of emergency you can think of, and then make sure everyone in your world of tanks blitz cheats hack family knows what the plan is.

„Better safe than sorry“ has always been true. You can never know when something may happen, and being prepared is the best way to make sure you and your family come out safe in any emergency.

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