10 Steps To Attaining Red Hat Certification

Although Linux is an open-source operating system (OS), certain „brands“ of the OS have earned greater respect from the computing community. The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification was recently called the „hottest certification in all of IT“ by a major training organization, as well as „the crown jewel of Linux certifications.“

The RHCE certificate attests to a person’s skills in configuring network services and security on servers that run the Red Hat OS. To obtain the RHCE designation, one must pass a performance-based examination that measures real-world competency on a live, running system. The following 10 steps to attaining Red Hat certification are generally the same as any other certificate program, involving skills assessment at the outset, a determination of how and where to prepare, and actual test preparation in advance of the exam.

1. Determine your level of expertise: If you don’t know how much you know, there are various „pre-qualifying“ exams available at low or no cost on the Internet. If you are starting fresh in this area, you will need an underpinning of high-tech knowledge across several subject areas. If you already have computer (and especially software) expertise, this will speed your process along.

2. Review current knowledge and future study needs: There are many programs that will lead you from a state of complete ignorance about Linux simcity buildit hacks to true expertise, but you will have to take a series of courses. However, if you already are familiar with Linux networking, and perhaps security, you can „jump“ over those preparatory steps and go to the level that is appropriate to your knowledge base.

3. Decide on standard or rapid-track preparation: If you are close to an expert already, you can „fast track“ your studies at most of the online schools. best fiends cheats tool If you are a „newbie,“ you will of course do better on the „standard track.“

4. Investigate training firms, schools and other preparation methods: Although online preparatory courses have been mentioned several times already, these are not the only routes to an RHCE certification. There are „brick and mortar“ institutes, classes at junior colleges and universities, self-paced and independent online learning, study groups and other methods available. You should choose the one most likely to lead you to share more details your goal, which depends on the way you learn and the amount of external assistance you need to support that learning.

5. Consider costs and values: You can opt to study on your own at very low cost, but this may delay your entry into a well-paying new career. On the other hand, the amount of time your preparation takes may not be as important to you as the cost. This means you need to make a „value calculation,“ to determined the best way to proceed in your unique circumstances.

6. Chart your progress and make adjustments: If you hit a few bumps along the way, make sure your study and test schedule is flexible enough to allow for some modification. Things change, obstacles present themselves and circumstances are rarely predictable, so stay as fluid as possible-while you keep moving in the right direction, of course.

7. Prepare for the career, not the exam: It is important, as educational researchers have demonstrated, that you prepare yourself for the career and the ongoing challenge of the work, not prepare to take a test. If you are too focused on passing a test, you will short-circuit the process of developing a comprehensive understanding of your subject, no matter what it is. You want to develop a broad expertise in Linux generally and Red Hat specifically, not focus on certain questions that you have been told will show up on the exam. You never know what will be on that test, and a broad and deep preparation for the career ahead of you is still the best way to approach certification exams.

8. Take a practice test or two: That said, it wouldn’t hurt to take a practice test or two, whether you find one online or your study partners devise one. If you enroll in a good course, online or off, you will have the opportunity to speak with plenty of people who have taken the test before you. Still, a comprehensive education is better than taking a course narrowly tailored to helping you pass an exam. You are preparing to be an expert in Red Hat, not in Red Hat tests.

9. Take the RHCE Exam: Obtaining the RHCE certification means taking and passing a five-and-a-half-hour, real-world, hands-on exam. When you take the test, you will be as confident as your preparation has made you. If you have put in the time and effort, and have a growing and natural understanding of the subject matter with which you are progressively more comfortable, your chances are excellent. If you are not ready, do not take the test. You can always re-test, but failure can affect your attitude in powerful ways. Often it can be a good teacher, reminding you to prepare adequately. Still, don’t be in a hurry, and take the test when you are grounded and calm.

10. Prepare for continuing education: The test and the certification are not the goals. A career is the goal, and any career in high-tech means that you will be studying and learning continuously for as long as you work in the field. Be prepared for this. Getting your RHCE status is the first step in a long road, one that can take you as far as you are prepared to go, assuming you are not allergic to commitment, hard work and perseverance.

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